Gillian Shoemaker

Gillian Shoemaker

Real estate has been my long time passion. RE/MAX is my choice!
Honoured to receive the RE/MAX Platinum Award for the last three years.

Life is a journey that reveals blessings and challenges: …It has grown me every step of the way.  Together, with my husband, we started buying and selling real estate in the 80’s when prices were low and interest rates were through the roof. We always bought and sold with the intentions of making wise investment plans, even while choosing our home sweet home. We made many good choices and one bad and as life has it, we can learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. It is my commitment to focus in on your priorities and dreams and empower you with valuable information so you can make a wise real estate decision.

In 2000, our family had the opportunity to live and work in Haiti, and make a difference in the lives of others. We packed our possessions into storage and took our ten and thirteen-year-old sons to Haiti for one year… and never looked back for nine amazing years. I was given an opportunity to develop and direct a student sponsorship program that in the years of my service, grew to feed and educate 7000 children each day. I am forever blessed.

We returned to Canada in 2009 and considered our options for settling into a community. We had the choice to live anywhere in Canada. Although we were born and raised in Ontario, we chose the Comox Valley. We visited friends here previously and fell in love. It is no secret, the amazing gifts that Vancouver Island has to offer.  We also saw wonderful gifts in the quality of people that chose to call the Comox Valley their home.

Along with a new home town was the opportunity for a new career. Blending my passion for real estate buying and selling; strengths in administration; and love of relationship building, real estate was a perfect match. RE/MAX was my only choice- #1 in Canada, British Columbia and the Comox Valley! That was easy!

My husband and I are involved in our local church, have fostered children in our home and continually discover new and different treasures in and around the Valley, including nature, culture and service opportunities.

I can promise you 100% commitment, integrity and the ability to uncover the perfect home sweet home and solid investment for you. I would love to visit with you and listen to your plans. I am confident that together, we can unlock your dream home.